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This is going to be brief, but I will be back and try and make this a highly useful and interesting homepage. On the other hand, it might just be full of any old tosh, which is likely.


Nifty, cool type sites :

General :

My other Homepage
Yahoo search engine
Alta Vista seach engine
Electronic Telegraph
Monochrome Web-Page
Future Publishing
The Fortean Times

Science Fiction :

Star Wars
Babylon 5
Sci-Fi Entertainment
UK Science Fiction Fandom Archives

The Film Section :

25 Frames Per Second

The Writer's Section :

Keyboard Graffiti

The George Lucas Homepage :


The Less Amazing Study Links :

Computing Links :
Computing Information Site
Byte Magazine
Database Magazine
The PC Webopaedia
The CASE Homepage
Object Oriented Systems Development - HTML Edition

Media Links :
The Definitive Media Page

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