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This is the self-indulgence page. I'll apologise for that now. It does have links that should be of use to writers, but mainly it will be a place I can dump a few pieces of my inane writings that I consider too poor / off-the-wall / marvellous to try and sell to the professional magazines. Please bear in mind that though I do write short stories, I am a full-length novel man myself and only write these sub-10,000 word efforts in a vain attempt to a) get recognition, and more importantly, b) get recognition from an agent.

After all, it's a man eat dog world out there (Vietnam, for example) and artistic integrity is a great thing, but it's also expensive. I can't afford it, yet.

Present submission to acceptance ratio : 5 to 2

The only stories here, at the moment :

Juggernauts : The Big, Bouncing, Bomber Affair

Juggernauts : Of Blood and Popcorn

Writing Links! Wahey! :

Writer Resources - um, self-explanatory
The Market List - fiction magazine details
The Inkwell - writers' site
The Screenwriters'/Playwrights' Page - err, self-explanatory
US Bestsellers Top 50 - Guess who isn't there ...
Inkspot's Agents on the Web - Agents? Pah!

Publishers On-Line :

Baen Books
Bantam / Spectra
Del Rey (Random House)
Warner Aspect
Tor SF and Fantasy

Writers :

Terry Pratchett
Isaac Asimov - Large FAQ file
Orson Scott Card
Raymond E. Feist
J.R.R. Tolkien
Robert Rankin
Neil Gaiman
Douglas Adams

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