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[Santa 'Yoda' Claus] Perhaps George Lucas' crowning achievement, even topping Willow (which I happened to think was pretty good), is the fabled programme that seems fated to vanish into the televisual void. Unfortunately for those responsible, word has leaked out and I have tracked down this homepage, the homepage of :

The Star Wars Holiday Special

[Mr.Lucas trying to look serious]

Other Lucas Pages :

Josh Glyn's George Lucas page
IMDB Film links ...
University of Texas page
The Steven Spielberg Film Society - Includes information on Lucas, Zemeckis, etc.
[Mr.Lucas pretending to work]

George Lucas links :

Industrial Light and Magic (ILM) - Special effects house founded by Lucas
George Lucas Educational Foundation - Err, educational foundation, um, founded by Lucas
Star Wars - Jaret L. Davis' Homepage. Only one of many - links to others here.
Star Wars - The Books Homepage - Del Rey's official Star Wars page - it's books mainly.
Lucasarts Homepage - Computer Games, pretty good ones too
[Road rage incident at Death Star] The THX WWW Page - THX, the innovative sound system group founded by Lucas
CNN's Star Wars Anniversary Site

Star Wars - The Official Page - Back to promote the special editions

George Lucas Interviews :

George Lucas Interview - From USA Weekend Magazine, September 1-3, 1995
Star Wars Insider Interview - April 20th., 1995
Mr Showbiz Interview - January, 1997

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