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(or George Walton Lucas Jr.)

'Failure has a thousand explanations. Success doesn't need one'
Sir Alec Guinness

Born on Sunday, May 14th., 1944, his father was a successful businessman, running a stationers in Lucas' hometown of Modesto (South of San Francisco in Northern California). His Mother, formerly Dorothy Bomberger, was part of one of the Central Valley's most prominent families. George Lucas Jr. was the third of three children, with two older sisters; Ann and Katherine.

View: Josh Lyn's slightly more detailed biography, Empire film magazine's account, Digital Century, or Film 100's view of who they class the 32nd most influential person in film history.


24th., August, 1999

Once again: This page is not affiliated to Lucasfilm, George Lucas or any agency officially involved with the Star Wars franchise.

None of the above can be contacted through this site.

This was all covered in the previous announcement, but I guess the font size was too small so many people chose to overlook it. This can be read as a reply to all those messages intended for George Lucas that were mistakenly sent to me. When I start growing a beard and wearing checked shirts maybe I'll reply, but I don't intend to do that for a few decades yet.

27th., April, 1999
Public announcement:

I would like to make clear in the run up to the opening of Episode 1 (which, here in good old England is something like two months after everyone else. Apparently so second-hand prints can be used, and the Summer blockbuster season traditionally starts later here. Personally I think it's because we're second class citizens), that this website is in no way affiliated with Lucasfilm or George Lucas.

Indeed, I am not George Lucas. I have no beard, I have no talent, and most importantly, I do not have personal fortune running into hundreds of millions of dollars.

I am also unable to contact Mr.Lucas, I do not know his e-mail address and I probably wouldn't tell you even if I did. Why not? Because that question you're dying to ask him, the one that, without an answer, will stop your life in its tracks is probably far less critical than you think it is.

Picture this; for some inexplicable reason an essay you wrote at school finds its way into the public domain. You start getting letters. Letters asking when you're going to write the follow-up. Why the main character chose sprouts for dinner when no one likes sprouts. Whether you think your essay supports the actions of guerrillas in Mozambique. If could include a double-handed chainsaw in the sequel.

And you get thousands of these letters. Every day.

At the same time you've got exams coming up, a vital project at work to finish, or maybe you're just damn popular and going out to parties every night.

So, think about it, what could anyone put in a letter that would really make a difference to you?

Now, I'm not saying George Lucas doesn't appreciate the comments of his adoring public, but bear in mind he's just a person, with a life of his own, like everyone else. Like you.

And finally, one more point for those who would think I am Mr.Lucas, personally I'd hope he'd never stoop so low as to create a web-site devoted to himself. And if he did he should come up with something a darn site more professional than this.

My life has not been devoted to Star Wars - compared with some I have discovered on the Internet (George Lucas)

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Acknowledgements: Internet Movie Database - where most of the links lead ... and 'Skywalking : The Life and Films of George Lucas, the Creator of Star Wars' by Dale Pollock (1983) - Ballantine Books - New York - ISBN : 0-345-31419-0

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